The Shadow of Myself
2001-08-27 06:00:53 (UTC)

my new home.. or.. ?

Well.. I've had every class once. Things seem to be
getting a lot better here. I'm meeting people and their
names are easier to remember. It's funny b/c I've probably
met like 1/2 the freshman class.. but I totally don't even
remember their names.

Friday I stayed up with like 10 girls from down the hall..
and we just sat out in the middle of the hallway and
talked.. and ate a bunch of juck. (you really do a lot of
those 2 things in college I've learned that already) I
think I need to start working out at the rec (which is so
right across the street so I have no excuse) so I don't get
all fat and stuff.. haha. I think I've had about umm.. 5
packs of easy mac this week. I actually enjoy that stuff..
but if I keep on this pace I probably won't enjoy it too
much in the future.

Sadly I haven't really met any christian guys. I think I
met like one.. but I don't know that I'll ever see him
again.. soo.. yeah.

I'm pretty used to being here.. it's going to be weird to
go home this weekend. I'm excited though. I get to go to
the football game and see everybody. Most of my friends
haven't left yet.. ok pretty much none of them have. They
don't go until Sept. So I get to see them, and eat some of
mom's food... mmm.. and see my dog! I miss my dog. Mom is
so fixing the best food ever! One of my friends told me
that the yearbooks are in.. so I'm excited about that too!
It'll be fun to go home for a nice little break.. very
little.. haha.

I've actually caught myself calling this place home.. it's
weird.. b/c it is home.. but it's not. I don't know.. but
I like offend myself when I do it.. and I'm like... Tess
this isn't home.. geez.

I guess that will be it for this time...