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2001-08-27 05:52:12 (UTC)

i wear my sunglasses at night

I thought i'd get more chances 2 write here. but y'kno,
i've been movin non-stop ever since i got here. i havent
had a chance to do n e thing online, 'cept send marvin
email (and that's like, one email a day...).

n e wayz, i'm leaving 2morrow. yay! all i want 2 do is go
home n b w/ marvin and see him again and b in edmonton
again and b @ home in my own apt. and all that good stuff.
i must admit, it wasnt so bad here, but still.... i never
once stopped thinking that i wanted all the above mentioned

so 2morrow, marv's coming @ 10, cuz the mother leaves
sumtime b4 then. @ 9, i think. then we're gonna go
downtown to go 2 a couple stores... i wanted 2 go 2 the
underground, but apparently they're gone now. but @ least
i can go 2 next 2 get my nose pierced. i keep changing my
mind... i cant decide on the nostril, septum, scrumper, or
medusa...but then i remembered that i chose the nostril cuz
it seems 2 b the least scariest of all the facial
piercings. u kno... gotta move up slowly. and n e wayz i
shouldnt get n e oral piercings fer awhile, cuz i din bring
n e mouthwash w/ me and i'm addicted 2 the stuff... if i
get sth pierced i wont b able 2 use mouthwash fer awhile.
n i dun think i can wait another day =P

I CANT WAIT 2 GET HOME!! no more of this... this... watever-
the-hell this is. i just dun like it. obviously... i
mean, if i liked it, i wouldn't have left in the 1st place,
rite? hanging around in rich. and van, we've run in2
practically every1 we kno. -_- but @ least running in2 the
fam wasn't as terrible as i suspected. i still din want 2,
tho. well..once i'm outta here, i wont hafta bother w/
that n e more.

the mother wants me 2 come bak sumtime b4 next yr. like
xmas or sth. ugh... well, @ least nth's definite yet. i
havent said yes. but then i havent said no. so she's
still harassing me. i hate being put on the spot like
that. we'll c wat happens when the time comes... but fer
now, i kno it's no.

k well, im gonna go now. i should get sum sleep soon. i
cant wait until 2morrow!!!!!