Jeff Roberts

The Understanding of Myself
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2002-12-07 19:33:05 (UTC)

Friday in short and song

Yesterday was an ok day....i talk to lauren alot now online
which considerably lucky considering things rarely go my
way. She imed me and said she got my screen name from her
friend because she thinks i'm really funny. She's sending
mixed singles that ill try and decipher but maybe something
could spark...i dont know.She always tells me she's busy
and that she has dates with other guys so either A)she
wants me to ask her on a date or B)she's telling me to
forget about it. I'll try A.
Last night we went to tom's house. We pretty much just
chilled in tom's living room eating wtih a bunch of people,
then we drove around lookin for this kid cause he's been a
real dick lately and we were gonna piss on his car but
unsuccessfully it didnt happen. nothing really happend
worthwile to speak about. i wrote another song at 2am last
night. It's called "The Shadow"

The Shadow
Creeping on your tail so fallow
your first enemy a pace behind
before you think your fine
it'll already the end of time

the black clouds are looming
lookin like it's ready to poor
what you'll never realize is your luck just hit the floor
Sparks will fly
a struggle will be unidentified
but it was the look on your face that always lied

Things are never wrong
But they were never right
stalking your steps waiting for a strike
an endeavor always never stopped a fight

before you think your fine
it' might be time
it might be time
before your fine
Check your watch for the time