AJ Krause

A Splash Of Class
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2002-12-07 19:01:48 (UTC)

anger from the orient express

well tyrell finally wrote i'm angered at him right now
that it took so long but my anger is only further being
fueled by the fact that his parents are really considering
not staying for christmas. i haven't seen him in so long
and i'm getting fucking horny allready for tyrell and the
man bumb. i'm so pissed i'm going to tell him to come read
this so he fucking knows that i'm getting prissy and pissy.
in other news i phoned lisa this morning and we made up. i
guess i was being a bit of an ass but i still have my
theory on low self confidence. so that was feeling good
till i got tyrells email. he said he has no exscuse to not
go but fucker nut find one

i gotta go cuz i wanna read alexis's diary.



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