Unexpected Mysteries
2001-08-27 05:12:55 (UTC)

A little bit about me........

I'm a virginia girl, I've been married for a while and it
isnt working, have a child who's fantastic. She is the
reason why I'm still on this earth. I quite my job a week
ago, due to all the pressures that I am experiencing right
now, being both mom and dad, housekeeper and repair person,
just to name a few. My roommate of a huband does not know
yet. If he found out, he would pressure me to leave, and I
don't have the energy to deal with it. I really don't like
him, very much close to hate, to be honest with you.

I could take my child and leave and live with relatives,
but they have their own issues. Maybe I'm kinda waiting to
see what happens with Nick, not holding out for him, but he
puts the light into my life. We have gone from having fun
to he's working on his divorce, we have talked about this
and in some sense I do believe it. You'd have to know the
whole story to understand. I'm not sure, but he tells me
that's what's happening. Guess I'm a little weak now and
he works me.

Ok, I've been caught up in a storm of a relationship with
Nick who I think is pretty cool, he too is married also.
We have plans to go further in our relationship but I have
my doughts. But we will see how it all plays out. I'm
curious too. Today was a nice day, my child Sarah who is
the reason for me being alive, did a little shopping, went
out for a bite to eat, and just came home to relax. Until
I saw the roommate, gosh he makes me ill. Anyway, I'm
going to bed now. I have to play get up and go to work
tomorrow. I hope I get a job before he finds out. So I
can move out, and live in peace.