The jerk files
2001-08-27 04:33:57 (UTC)

Sunday, bloody sunday

Today is Sunday about, 930pm. Today was the HIGHWAY TO
HELL thing. A truckload of people got saved. It was the
most i had ever seen. God rocks. I just got home from
swimming at my cousin mike's house. Me, my sister, Mike,
Pickle, (his G/F) Raquel, Leddica, Jason, Chris, Rassling
George and Vanessa were all there. We swam for awhile and
then went to get pizza. We ate it very quickly and sat
around and talked and then i played guitar and me,raquel,
and vanessa made up songs about crazy things. No sense. We
went to the store and got some snacks which noone ate. Sat
around some more and then, as i was leaving, Vanessa pulls
up with chris and asks me for a ride. (Why didnt HE take
her?) I thought they liked each other. She said that chris
didnt FEEL like driving to modesto and back. whatever. I
took her home and we had an interesting conversation. Man is she
something else. I mean, i used to have a crush on this girl. And i
didn't know that it was Anna Avalos' daughter. That's the lady that i
talked with briefly at the women's convention. Man, i tell you,
Vanessa is something else.(a really gorgeous girl.) But i am already
talking to Courtney and i would NEVER even dare to hurt her. It
was cool. I then came directly home and did not pass go. I
came in and here i am!!