Thoughts arrive like butterflies
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2002-12-07 13:08:43 (UTC)


Murderdolls were ace
After the show everyone was waiting outside for Joey, and
they all came out one at a time so there were still loads
of people there. Meg was right in the doorway next to them
all, and she was in everyones pictures of the band, lol.
When joey came out we waited for him to sign everyones
thing then he saw us and remembered us from last time
Especially Marika, when he got down on his knees and sang
happy birthday to her at Manchester.Well, we got pics with
him, andhe kissed me on the forehead, He took quite a
liking to Kate though and said she was cute so she could go
up first, lol. Lucky her.
I got erics pick though, which was cool.
Acey was really nice. He came up and said hi to Marika.

The opening band for them...umm, 80s Matchbox B line
disaster sucked No body liked them except about 5 people
jumping around at the front of the stage.

The venue was quite small, but it was cool.the stage was to
the side, not at the front like it usually is, but it was
still great.

Wednesday also had THE coolest umbrella. Black and had "fuck" written
on each...urr..thingy on the material. Great