sheesh ya fuck
2002-12-07 11:52:14 (UTC)

flood the ships heading N S E W..

flood the ships heading N S E W fucking bermuda triangle
stuck in the middle storm from side to side and the
consience rattles the intruders slaughter and take the
meat im on the deck dehydrating salt water cleanse me i
was born in the 637 radius shaking in cold shaking in the
bunkers take the meat i sleep like their is no water for
two deceit again deceit again leave enough for soul to
breathe bleed me rid the disease fashionable enough to
please starve this wound of infections to match on i had a
light in my eye to see disease and i lapped it up untill
it absorbed me and now i leak on the healing dripping and
flailing i cant stop untill it s gone and its never left
one second mr clockman i want to kill you fuck you fuck
you fuck you.but its real i know the difference