jon's babie forever
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2001-08-27 03:47:22 (UTC)

I Need to Remember

Now that I broke the ice between me and Jon, I feel like I
could tell him anything. I have also planned so many things
for me and him to do just as friends, but I keep forgetting
that he barely knows me.

For example, my mom says that she could take me and Jon out
to lunch, and of course that sounded great, but I have to
remember 1) we have to get to know each other better and 2)
Jon still has Shanna. But sometimes... I wonder if they
even like each other still.

Sunday morning at High School group Shanna never said beans
to Jon the whole time. Sometimes they act like they don't
even know each other. They never walk together, talk
together or even sit together. I'd like to ask someone if
they are still girlfriend/boyfriend, but if I did then they
would totally know that something was up. I have to sit
tight and let God handle it. I have trouble remembering
that. I'm already thinking about him calling me every day
and asking to come over. It'll be a while before that
happens, for sure. But I'm the patient type, so I will wait
for us to be good friends. I just have to remember these
few things.