AJ Krause

A Splash Of Class
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2002-12-07 08:27:28 (UTC)

my eyelids are drooping

well i just got off shift a while ago at midnight and i
went to go visit lisa in rez. she suggested going and
getting pizza but the old addage a moment on the lips and
eternity on the hips came to mind and i passed it up. we
did however go down to sink the ship (local bar in rez)at
which point there was some awsome music going on. i told
lisa we should go dance but she refused as she doesn't ever
dance in public. another moment where lisa exemplified low
self confidence. in response i told her i'm not talking to
her for a week (aka all tommarow). i think low confidence
needs tough love measures other then someone nagging "come-
on" on their shoulder. after a while i think people just
get addicted to others begging them. pathetic really. this
is short and i'm being bitchy but its late at night