It smells like poop over here
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2002-12-07 07:20:18 (UTC)

the only thing you ever really did for me...

...was make me oh so miserable......i hope this is good-
bye." im really starting to like alkaline trio. i need to
get a couple of their discs.
got to chill with rich for lil while today. first time
in a while. we hung out sara, watched some TV, ate, joe
came over, then PT, we watched Goldmember, then PT and rich
went to canada, me and joe went and shot pool. this chick
at the table next to us kept looking over at me. she looked
about 14 years old, but the pool hall is bar, so you gotta
be 18 to get in. doesn't matter, i didn't talk to her, she
didn't talk to me.
rich's sister came over to get sara. she hugged me,
told me i smelled good. she's still hella hot, and i still
get jealous when she talks about other guys. like digger
was on the phone, blabbling about whatever, and it pissed
me off. she's way outta his age range, i'm right on the
border. doesn't matter, i couldn't get her if i try my
hardest. i couldn't get her with rich's good looks, nick's
personality and joe's coolness. anyway, i dont' think im in
love with her. i just have to not she her and ill be
fine....but rich's mom did say that my day would come (my
day for being with her). oh well, i couldn't....i just
i called kristen the other day, we talked for a few,
nothing important. i apologized for ranting the other day.
i can't remember the entire night, but when someone says
something, then i remember it. like i told kate that when
she comes home on the 12th, me her and nick are gonna smoke
out. and appearantly, the first time i went up to state, i
was so obliterated that i told tommy and scott i was in
love with laura. and she said that right in front of
kristen, but being so dumbassed drunk, i was like "well
it's kinda true". but i kinda recovered when i was talking
to nick, i was like "i need to get outta here dude, all my
friends are away, a girl i like is away." and i put my hand
on kristen's head. she was like "aww" and so was laura,
then laura whispers, "very smooth" i just said "not really,
but whatever." nick said she had a good reaction though. i
don't know, i was too drunk to remember.
i wasn't gonna smoke that night, but i got so drunk i
didn't care and did it anyway. got the double hug from
kristen before she lift though. she's got this little
tattoo of a turtle with tulip in it's mouth on her butt.
it's sexy. so was the skimpy underwear she had on. oh yeah,
laura said she'd be down for a 3 some with me and her. back
in the day, when she first say me. me and my old friend and
laura's ex, joe, went to her house; laura said the first
that popped in her head was "wow, there's joe and hot guy
at my door." she told me she'd like to get on me. nick said
he would if he was a chick, i dont' know how comforting
that is.
i gotta get outta here, gotta work in 7 hours. PEACE