My Mind
2001-08-27 02:59:38 (UTC)

just words

when once dreams lit bright and lovely
filled with the love of a life
laid about her
wonderments left yet unexplored
so many things to do
and yet taken from her without a clue
darkness fills her mind now
lost deep in the shadows somehow
forever gone from her grasp

to be suprised with a shock
to be shocked with somewhat of a warning
so many times we pass things by
never taking a second glance
knowing we wanted to experience it
if only for a second
no one knows why we continuously stay ignorant
to such things but we do and we do a lot
when awakened by a tragedy we realize we are
not immortal and to take that second glance
even if it means taking a step away
from our current destination
words of wisdom mean nothing to the wise
words of ignorance mean a lot to the ignorant
in a world that is completely hipocritical
we can never take that second glance
because in reality it doesnt exist

until you look for it...........