Fallen from grace

One day at a time...
2001-08-27 02:51:11 (UTC)

planet of the apes

Lisa, Kaitlyn and Mae Ling (I think that's her name...I
feel bad that I don't for sure...) and I saw it tonight.
It was good. Now I'm home and it's kind of like I'm not
because whenever there's more than two other people around
I don't exist. Around the guys, they close off their
little circle to exclude me and when my mom's with them she
talks so she's heard and when I try I get rude glares from
either her or somebody else or all of them. It kind of
sucks but that's my house. My world. My summer. Outside
this place I have friends and fun, but in here there are
always extra people half of which I don't know milling
around looking at me like I don't belong. In my own
freaking house! What is wrong with this picture? I should
go to bed...it's not like anybody would miss me or
anything. But I'm too mad to sleep. Nate seems to think
that they ignore him too. Yeah right. He doesn't know how
easy he has it. And now all these people are going to be
here until about 6 AM waiting to load up, making tons of
noise so I won't be able to sleep.

And in other news, Aliyah is dead. That's very sad. She's
in my prayers. She was a wonderful woman.

Aliyah Houghton

May she rest in peace. I think I'll go sit in the living
room and take the time that I'm being ignored in to count
my blessings, such as life. I ask all who read this to do
the same. Because it's not as bad as you think.