Traded your worth for these scars...
2001-08-27 02:47:06 (UTC)

Hard rain... is blinding

So I'm coming home from the devo tonight, and all of the
sudden... I'm just drivin along... and it starts pouring! I
mean.. we're talkin tsunami here. I could barely see.. it
was so scarey:) Shew... but then, after about ten minutes,
the rain starts to calm down and I can see again. I then
turn on my music... and enjoy myself. It was so beautiful.
Driving in the rain listening to Pachebel's Canon.. it was
awesome! So.. anyway...

I was sooo tired when I came home from church today. I laid
down around 1... and I woke up at 4! I was like... whoa...
I slept a loooong time. So.. needless to say, the rest of
the day I felt so terrible... and I'll prolly be up til
about 12 or 1 tonight, but oh well... I don't have to go to
work til 11:45! Yay!:) There is a downside however, I have
a meeting right after I get off for like... 2 hours! So.. I
won't get home til like 8 or 8:30. Suck butt. The worst
part tho.. I don't get paid for it... what a rip