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The Twisted Mind Of Me
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2001-08-27 02:46:21 (UTC)

Distance Takes It's Toll On The Heart.......

It's 10:29pm and Im thinking too much tonight. The air
blowing through the window feels good and yet I almost cant
breathe. Summer is almost over and time for fall to set in,
which is a depressing thought for me when I think of how
little I am going to see him come fall. His voice makes me
smile, for wutever reason, its soothing to me. Friday feels
like its never going to get here, and I just wish I was
with him now, but the distance is our major problem. Its
like fighting something you cant see, heh. I guess its
something we just have to deal with, for now anyway. I
think I am thinking too much, maybe sleep is the answer,
maybe not.

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