Dick Doomsday

Pathetic Punk
2002-12-07 05:31:56 (UTC)

i am bored

blah...well i wrote out this whole entry and my fucking
computer froze. blah

anyways i guess i'll just start over.

last night i went to marks new pad. its right off of sixth
ave near balboa park. its nice. i'm happy for him. we hung
out for a while and went grocery shopping. it was fun. i
love that boy then after we got home we went for a walk to
the bay. that was really nice. i love spending time with my
babe. then i left around 11-12.

today i went to work. whoop-ee actually it was fun. cuz
tommy was there. hmmm...ok....well i like tommy lots. but
only sometimes. other times i ponly like him like a
brother. and i cant tell if he likes me back. and i dont
really want to know if he likes me back cuz whenever i find
out that a guy likes me back i start to not like them. i
dunno. i'm weird. but sometimes we're cool friends other
times he does little stuff that make me think he may like
me a lil. like he tells me i'm beautiful, he holds my hand,
he's always touching me (not in a nasty gross way but like
grabbing my hand or rubbing my neck...that kind of stuff)
and i rememer one time while i was closing the register he
came up behind me and held me from behind with his
cheek .....gotta go/