Chapter One: The Evil Within
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2001-08-27 02:36:52 (UTC)

My Mommi Rocks Simetimes

For my b-day, my moms letting me get peirced! :) yay! and
I get to choose where! Now there are 2 places i am thinking
of, my lip, or my nose. I am not sure which I want, I know
that they are going to hurt like a bitch, but pain is okay!
I guess, but I still have to make the choice between the
two! With my lip, its not going to be big so its not going
to be really recognizeable, but with my nose, i can make it
disappear! So which shall i choose? Shall I do an "innie
meanie, miny, mo"? Shall L let the people who read this
choose? But not many people read my mindless gibberish so
how many responces could I possibly recieve? Ohh well.
hopefully i will find out!