Finding my Light
2002-12-07 04:36:15 (UTC)


Oh I hate it when I get like this. My energy is so-o
low right now and all I want is to be around Romiah.
Reason being because she is familar to my mind, spirit, and
body and her energy makes me happy. Every time I get like
this though I want to be around someone different. Before
it was my mom. I guess I'm starting to feel empty inside.
I'm craving for someone to love and be loed back by them.
It hit me hard when I saw Romiah today. I just wanted
to leave school with her and talk so I could get some of my
frustrations out. A little while ago she came over to get
ready for one of our school dances. It was nice knowing
she was there in my house. Her possitive energy pushed out
some of my negative energy. I really didn't want her to
leave. I wanted her to stay for the night, but I also
wanted her to go and have a good time with Micheal.
It was kind of funny. A little bit before she left she
said she wanted to stay with me. What was funny was that I
was thinking the same thing at the time. Of course though
I made sure she left. Being her best friend and she being
mine, I don't have the lectury of being selfish, but I
really wouldn't have it any other way.