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Just.. me
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2002-12-07 04:06:43 (UTC)

Just... entry number 1

Hey People reading this.. Well.. I don't really have a
whole lot to say now.. :/ It is so FREAKING cold in my
house.. I just don't understand I mean ok.. the therostat
says 73 degrees.. then why in the freaking world and I
shivering?? ok.. people just don't freeze at 73 degrees..
people freeze at like 32 degrees..But anyway.. I'm all
bundled up.. maybe.. just maybe eventually I'll warm up.
Oh.. yea.. this is going to be a busy weekend full of
school work to do I so remember when weekends were my
free time.. ::sigh:: those were the good days Exams are
in 2 weeks I am so stressing I HATE exams.. heck I hate
any test of any kind.. I always stress out.. and foret
everything.. happens to the best of us.. I guess.. This
morning, the news guy said it was 15 degrees outside...
brrrr.. ok.. thats not normal weather for my area.. its
just not I didn't have to go to school Wednesday or
Thursday.. which was a much needed break.. I guess I should
have worked on some of the projects that I have to do this
weekend.. hahahaha I'm such a slacker The other day, I
watched the movie Ghost.. AHHHH I LOVE that movie It is
SOOOO good lol.. I know I know.. I'm so lame Oh have
you seen Panic Room?.. that is a must see movie.. its
really good Well.. anyway... blah blah blah blah I'm
running out of things to say.. so.. what do you people
think about internet love?.. I mean do you think it is
possible?.. like to love someone who you have never met?..
I'm curious to know what people think.. lol.. I know.. I am
really lame. :.. well... what more can you expect?..
Ok.. well.. I think I'm gonna go play InkLink.. lol.. which
is such an awesome game if you haven't played it.. I
suggest you try it.. lol.. Ok.. well..
Bye Bye
_/ _ ::waves::

~*~Love... me~*~

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