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2001-08-27 01:47:02 (UTC)

Not much from Earlier

I didn't write much earlier, it was more of an introduction
than anything else, so I thought that now I'd just sit down
and write whatever came into my mind. Well, maybe not
*whatever* came into my mind, but close. Some crazy bad
70's horror show is on TV, its highly amusing... I'm
listening to more Tori, somehow the song "Girl" seems
fitting to my mood... I'm not sure why, its ust kind of
reaffirming everything I've been feeling lately.

I'll be fifteen soon. I can't believe that. I have had to
think about how old I was every time someone asked me since
I was seven. If I just what age I thought I was the
instant I was asked, I'd still say seven. I still feel
seven... of course, when I look in the mirror I know that
I'm not... but, I almost feel like that time got wasted
somewhere. Eight whole years, and I have no idea where
they went. Its kind of a scary thought. I know that
childhood passes quickly, but every year since then has
gone so quickly, and each year goes faster than the one
before it. I feel like before I know it, I'll be sitting
grandkids on my knee, and telling them stories about back
in the day, "when I was a girl".

Its odd, people think I'm nineteen or twenty all the time,
but I still feel seven. I would think I acted seven,
except that second graders don't use words like
*antidisastablishmentedterianism" or phrases
like "extestential theory of man's inhumanity towards
international crises'". Of course, neither do I, but if
the need ever arose, where I had to be pedantic, or
something... I could.

I spent the day doing very routine, boring things. Not
only have I wasted the last eight years, I wasted the
afternoon too *Sigh*. I talked on the net, to Kerri, Rob,
Katie and Erin. I'm really looking forward to trying to
get some poetry published, and mine and Katie's play "I'll
tell the World". We just have to find two male actors who
will play gay men. That shouldn't be too hard... I don't
think, or rather, I hope not. Then I rode my bike, from
here (my house) to my old school. It was kind of
depressing, it looks so empty and abandonned. I think,
from now on, whenever I see Macdonald Drive Junior High,
I'm gong to picture it like that, even though I know its
brimming with twelve year olds. The place has really
declined since I was first there, skeets galore are
infesting it. Like a plague. Anyhow, then I came home,
and talked to the same people again... except Kerri, who
hasn't been online to my knowledge since this afternoon.

I think Katie's having a party on Wednesday, I'll have to
get her something nice. I always enjoy her parties,
especially the hott groupies one she had. We were sniffing
rockets... oh my, you know you're a pansy when you think
you're a badass for sticking candy up your nose. *Sigh*
Still I'm happy being a goody two shoes in that sense. I'm
not boring, contrary to popular belief. If you've ever
gone to a Cullam party, you'd be able to affirm that.

Of course Cullam's gone now... to York, in Ontario. Me and
Erin were right, that place is a boyfriend sucking
machine. I'm gonna miss having him around, I think Rob is
right this is going to be some sort of milestone for all of
us. For the band, because well, for the next year, they're
not going to have anyone on the keys, and for the rest of
us, we've temporarily lost a great friend, at least in the
physical sense. He'll be back next April though, and we
can all be sure that there will be plenty of partying
happening over the ensuing summer...

I think this school year is going to be alright though. I
mean, I have friends that won't be there and stuff, but I"m
okay with that, because they all have ICQ *L*, and phones.
I wish they would come to PWC, but they all either
steadfastly refuse, or are completely unable. Still, I had
to fight damn hard to get into this school, so unless I
decide to do IB next year, I'm staying there. I'd have to
give up the music program trip to go to Ireland though, and
that would be a great experience for me, so I think that
I'll just stick to doing multiple AP courses instead.

Yay, I've just secured plans for tomorrow. Yay. We're
going to go see Original Sin. I'm going to love that
movie. I wanted Hutson to come see it with me, but he
didn't want to, so I didn't push it.. It is after all a
chick flick. He's a great guy, I'm lucky to have someone
that good in m life. I tihnk afterwards we're going back
to Erin's house and watching Interview with a Vampire.
But.. oh crap... we have rehearsal tomorrow, so we can't do
it. Not that I'm complaining or anything, I'm loving being
able to be a in a production like Evita, its a beautiful
musical. And I tihnk I got a part in the dancing too, of
course we'll hav to wait on finalization of that, but I'm
pretty sure right now. its being put off by the Beothuck
Street Players, and Damnhait Doyle is playing Eva! She's
like a celebirty or something! Well at least in this part
of the country! She's got some set of pipes too! She can
really sing.

Oh my. Erin's making me change the links section of my
page, so she's in there... I'd better go. I'll try to
write tomorrow.