Trials and Tribulations of Tim..
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2001-08-27 01:34:31 (UTC)

The beginning...

In the beginning, there was no earth, just a useless lump.
No life, not alive. Heh. Feels like my life sometimes. If
you took the time to read this, than you might wanna stop
unless you feel like being depressed. Or laughing. My name
is Tim R******, I am a 14-year old moron from Philadelphia,
I have no girlfriend at the current moment, and I have no
job. I can tell you people so many stories about the few
girls that were goodly enough to go out with me. I'll tell
more when I can about them beautiful ladies, but more
importantly, you need to know that sometimes I whine over
the simplest thing because I want to. Or I am just a pansy
man, same difference. I'll sign off now. Bye..

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