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2002-12-07 03:06:52 (UTC)

thinking too much

ive got another feeling besides the gray desert of despair.
ya know when u know someone for a long time and u just
realize one day that u love them completely? that u love
everything about them? that they have those weird things
that burst from them that makes u love them so much more. i
wish they would make a diary like this and i wish i could
read it b/c i want to know everything about them. i wish i
would have realized this earlier so i could have done
something about it. i wanna fall in love tonight. oh jeez,
approaching weird hyper full of love mood, need 2 hear the
right song and im gone for a while, i wish they would talk
to me b/c i would tell them everything in my soul with some
pizazz wiht it. i love the mood. im glad when its gone
though. uh oh, nirvana, that cannot help the good mood come.