2001-08-27 01:12:36 (UTC)

what i am thinking about

hey well peeps i guess i am doing better alot better guess
u could say i am glad ashley came over today we had a blast
together we r soo close i might as well call her my sister
yeah well i am thinking about setting bounderies with my
sweet bf jacob !!! (i love ya) yeah well i dont know why i
just dont want to go to far and end up regretting it and my
sweetie ashley and me talked to each other today about
stuff and bounderies and what to do aand what not to do ...
well i think i know what not to do and what to do and how
far to go with a guy and i wouldnt let it go as far as sex
until i am way older probebly !!! yeah well i hope jacobs
doing ok and i hope david is to and i cant 4get my babe
ashley i hope shes ok !!! cuz i love yall and dont want
yall to be upset or nething cuz when yall r hurt i am hurt!!
yeh well subject change soo i hope me and jacob will stay
together long and have a great relationship yeah i better
go for now so i can talk to my babes lol bye bey luv yall