Ode to a psycho!HA!
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2002-12-07 02:01:41 (UTC)

A long day...

I speant my day today catering Cammies wedding. We had to
leave and go get an ironing board because the table cloths
were creased, and then after leaving to eat lunch, run
errands, and make ourselves presentable for a wedding Elyde
and I showed up at the dolphin club and there were no
instructions for anything, and we really couldn't do anything
because she had a diagram for the way everything was supposed
to look, and be layed out, and this crazy Italian woman kept
asking us where to put stuff, and teh grooms mother kept
asking what she could do to help. We didn't want to be
disrespectful or rude, so eventually the groom gave us the go
ahead to just start putting stuff out wherever it would fit.
Then the evening went pretty smoothly, until someone informed
us tat there was supposed to be a tray of water between the
food and the chaffing dishes so that the fire doesn't keep
cooking the food. We laft them going until everyone had
eaten, and then I went to put them all out. One was burned
almost completely through the bottom of the maccaroni and
cheese. I thought it was comical, anyway, I couldn't reach
the snuffer on one of the torches under the food, so I
reached my hand even further under the chaffing dish, and the
side of my hand went up against the bottom of the dish, right
next to the flame. BURNED THE HELL OUT OF MY HAND yeah, uh,
huh large oval burn on my right hand going from about from
the top of my thumb to my wrist. It's all starting to blister
a little, not much though, because I got ice pretty quickly.
it just pissed me off Like I need a large oozing blistering
burn on my hand to go for auditions. " Oh that girl's perfect
for the poor and desolate, handicapped peasant, she's short,
and her hand's all swollen Let's give her the part" thant's
definitelt what the panel's going to say. Anyway, I'm going
to lunch with my grandmother tommorrow, and then shopping. I
suppose we'll go to Max's and then the mall, If we don't go
see this foreign film she's been talking about. I'm tired,
it's been a long day later.

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