Would you mean this please if it happens
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2002-12-07 01:28:20 (UTC)

lazy days

this morning my mom got me up at 7:00 to get ready for
school and then she had to leave, unfortunatly i never did
get out of bed and ended up sleepin till about 9:15, then
i rushed to school.. 2nd period was so easy, there was a
sub, and me and sherissa talked the whole time and had
good talks about relationships, the stupid people, and
other things that control our lives, she is a really great
girl, i feel like i can tell her anything. after 2nd, i
went and watched the rally in the gym, it sucked, but they
all do, so no big suprise. i talked to lacy a bit today,
which was good, i miss talking to her, shes a great girl.
tommy was going off about how he was GOING to get a tattoo
tonight, but he wont, it would be pretty sweet if he did
though. i dont know what to do tonight, im contemplating
on going to ryan's house because if i go there, i know i
will smoke or drink...and i dont know if im in the mood, i
never do that stuff anyway, so it would be nice..

I also kind of feel like hanging out with a girl tonight,
maybe going to a jacuzzi or soemthing, i dont really hang
out with girls anymore for soem reason, so i would like
that, but i dont know who to call up.. i want to go
shower....later days..

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