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2002-12-07 01:28:19 (UTC)


how am i supposed to trust u when all u do is LIE some fuckin hero women
and children first OH FUCKING WELL i hope you're happy now because
when i cheat youll never know about it and itll be a big fuckin joke haha so
fuckin funny u can get fucked well so can i that doesnt make u better than me
SHOVENIST FUCKIN ASSHOLE its like someone thinks its funny that they
can treat me like shit and then laugh about it like its funny and i have to kiss
their ass because they have money and if i get bitchy i have to leave or they
go to someone else if u dont like me leave me alone ill find someone else and
i will cheat on you for mistreating me so bad when all im trying to do is help u
maybe u dont care that i cheat and that makes u even more of an asshole that
u treat me like an object that u dont care who fucks as long as it comes home
to u WTF IS THAT am i supposed to be ok with that and i know youll probably
always cheat so why are u even bothering with me u dont need me to take
care of u any more u dont need me why dont u jsut leave me alone u
completely fucked up my life are u happy now ok u win now just leave me the
hell alone anyone wants to fuck me can respond to this message im
gonna be faithful now ..all u do is get me happy just to bring me down again i
sacrifice for u and all u do is treat me like shit and thats for real..and the whole
oh im just trying to get u mad at me or jealous is completely played out you're
not funny and youre not my boss so im never gonna be yours even if u pay
me ive never gonna be faithful i hope youre happy now i have rights too just
becasue i dont have $$ doesnt me u can make me beg tired of beggin if
youre gonna help me than help me if not leave me the fuck alone you are so
fuckin SELFISH and thats no fcukin joke should i rewrite the part where i gave
for rent and you spent it all and we still got evicted yeah thanks a lot
and im the bitch for telling u to leave me alone cuz u were taking all my
money and i was trying to get on with my life so just leave me alone and stop
tormenting me i didnt get it leave me the fuck alone again and if u did
cheat i have to cheat on you that would be fair thats all im sayin it doesnt
make sense that i would just be like yeah thats cool u can fuck whoever u
want and ill still be faithful so im just gonna wait for the opportunity to happen
because that is not fair and i dont deserve it so will cheat on you and i will be
sure u find out about u can say u fucked hgoihgohg as many times as u
want but its just gonna make me want to cheat more which i can easily do so i
hope youre happy now..i dont want to be with someone who cheats on me so
please leave me the hell alone u are disrespecting me by cheating on me so
please just leave me alone ..i can find someone who will treat me with the
respect i deserve..

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