crackheads thoughts
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2002-12-07 00:43:47 (UTC)

Black Stone Cherry Show tonight

WOW I havent been on here in a long time They have
changed it a lot. But I just updated my l/j Wensday or
something like that. hahaha Me & Samantha thought we should
update because we hadnt in like forever.

But Im getting ready to go to the show
tonight..........hahaha I have new thought's in mind
tonight. But this on person is not coming ...but the person
im looking for is with the band..So I know for sure he will
be there. But I told my parents that I would be good like
alway's and blah blah blah all that good junk that I hear
every time I go somewhere...But it's all good....I dont
think that there's anything I want to add to the letter I
wote yesterday.

We didnt go to school Wensday, Thursday, Or
today...Which waz just stupid...Cause I wanted to go really
bad..But there's nothing I can do about it.

Hummmmmm.............He's now on-line.....but anyway
everyone is with another...but that's all that I know and
that was just stupid but waz the only thing I could think
of....but If ya think about's all kool. Well, Im
getting ready to go to the show now....Talk to ya l8er

~ Crachel142~