Lenore the fool

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2002-12-07 00:09:52 (UTC)

song/poetry i wrote

Never done this before
What should I do
It's almost 4:00
I should know you

We feel so close
But we're too far
This is gonna be one of those
I don't know what we are

Never done this before
Tell me what do I say
Should I walk out the door
God it's gonna be one of those days

Wish I'd caught your name
Might make this easier
Shoulda been gone as quick as you came
I shouldn't be here

Never done this before
You're not making it better
We can't do this anymore
Guess this means no more beer

Never done this before
I'd better just go
You just hit the floor
But I can still glow


Yeah there is a lot of things people don't know about