Kittie Kat

My Weird Life
2002-12-07 00:06:01 (UTC)

The Dance

We had a dance today at school. It was HORRIBLEFirst of
all i didnt feel very well so i didnt dance, second of all
me and hayley got in a fightWell maybe i should start at
the beggining. Hayley goes out with Andrew. But alot of the
dance she was flirting with justin. I guess she thought
Andrew was flirting with other girls, but i dunnoWell the
next slow dance came and IIIII was supposed to dance with
Justin but Hayley came over to him and put her arms around
his neckAnd Andrew was standing right thereAndrew
walked up to hayley and said F*** you. And i couldnt
beleive what hayley was doingAnd then I asked jenny and
penny to go tell hayley that i needed to talk to her.They
went and told her and she said she was busySo i was like
well fine, shes to busy for me im to busy for her. So after
she was done talking she went over to justin instead of
coming to talk to me. I got so madBut then later she came
over and said,"What" and i just kept on talking and then i
started asking her what in the world she thought she was
doingAnd then i told her that she shouldnt be doing that
just becuz i was trying to be her friend and to help her.
And then she got up in my face and started cussing me outI
didnt want to start anything, i wasjust trying to help, and
she got up in my face and told me i didnt know the whole
storyWEll maybe i didnt but i knew what was needed to
know, to tell that she shouldnt be doing what she was doing
And now hayleys probly really mad at me all becuz i was
trying to help. I am kinda mad at her but not that madI
was just trying to help.............