Charles Deason

My Blue Sky
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2002-12-07 00:04:27 (UTC)

New time, New place

My day is comming up this Christmas, Pop talked me
into geting a rifle instead of a pistol... maybe he thinks
I'm still going to kill myself. Little does he know that
its already too late to turn back now. Besides, I promised
my princess that I would never kill myself when things got
too thick.
I really miss that girl, and yeah, Wendy too. It's
like a big love story you know? Haha Maybe I should write
one someday. I love speaking my mind on paper, but I've got
writer's block :( Anyway We had snow amazingly and 2 snow
days :)Plus I'm over my depression again I just lovit when
you have that feeling when you thnk anything is possible
and everyone on the planet is speechless because of how col
you are
I think I'm in love with a girl now that I mention
it... but I can't figure out who it is. I know it sounds
weird and everything, but that's how I feel right now. I'd
like to go out in the summer with a girl, and just... take
a walk next to my towns river. But that kinda romantic crap
hardly ever happens. Girls are always doing something else
on their time. Well sometimes. I won't lie everyone has to
have "me" time. Even me Well, I'd like o write some
more,but I'll be back to say something new. later