2001-08-27 00:24:27 (UTC)

Poor Jeff!!

My friend Jeff just got his cell phone and at least 50 cd's
stolen. I feel so bad for him. You know. I went over there
to tell the police the description of the person who did

See this is how the story goes. I went down to the pool. On
my way home I looked in the direction of their house and
saw this girl walk down the stairs of the building and turn
into their apt. I figured it was just one of their friends
that they met. And then I get this knock on my door. It was
Jeff. I was curious of why he was here. (my mom doesn't
know that I like Jeff) So I went out to the hall and he
asked me if I knew where his phone was? I didn't know but
then I told him what I saw. He was like oh. And he also
told me that he was missing his C.D.'s. I came in and told
mom the story and she said you better go down there in case
the call the cops. So she gave me full permission to go
down there. But it wasn't any fun. Just a lot of bitching
and complaining. I feel so bad for Jeff. The cops came and
I gave the description and came home and told mom all about

Not that I am expectiong her to let me go down there
anymore. But I have the chance.

Well I will talk to you later.