Hair Of The Dog
2001-08-26 23:53:08 (UTC)


Well I think I'm in love. Me and this chick Rebecca from
work just hit it off from the moment we started talking.
She's a barmaid at my work, a backpacker from Canada. I
mentioned her in one of my previous entries I think. You
know how two people can just kinda click together? Well
that's what has happened here. This is the second person who
I have 'clicked' with in my life, and I must say I would
still give anything to be seeing the first one (my ex from a
while back) again. Anyways, Rebecca.... well she's a
brunette, she's fairly good looking, not a friggen
supermodel to drool over but nonetheless good enough to turn
a few heads. She's got this real sweet-and-innocent thing
about her going. She's also a vegetarian, and has never
drank coke in her life.


There are two things that stand between me and Rebecca...

1. She has a boyfriend (grrrrr....)
2. She smokes cigarettes (I am a big anti-smoker)


We just CLICK! A workmate of mine called Furgo, an Irish
barman and a damn good bloke, commented on how well we got
along on her first night at work. Also on the weekend I was
chatting to a mate I hadn't seen in a while. We were outside
a nightclub, I have to admit that he was a little pissed at
the time, anyways I introduced him to Rebecca and he said
"Nice to meet you Rebecca, you're a very lucky lady, this is
a really great guy" (good call mate!) I explained that we
weren't seeing each other and he was just surprised.

Well in conclusion everything is FUCKED! Don't think there's
much I can do. There's definitely chemistry there, like I
think I said in a previous entry, you can almost smell the
hormones in the air, and I'm sure everyone that has seen us
together can smell em too. Oh well, what is a guy to do?
Absolute JACK FUCKEN SHIT it seems. Ciao for now. Happy
loving all the lovers out there.