Vanessa Jo

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2001-08-26 23:48:38 (UTC)

Back to School

I start school on Tuesday as a junior, yuck. I have a
pretty nice schedule this year.. I have lunch and a class
with my best friend Amy. I have two classes with my other
friend Heather, and a class with my friend John. The only
class I won't be looking forward to is Civics, don't like
the teacher a whole lot, but maybe that will change.
Besides, it's only a semester class. Friday was the first
varsity football game for my school, it was away in a
different city. We won 28 to 25. This Friday is our next
game and it's home. Yesterday I went to the movies with
some of my friends(Layla, Keri, Leah) and we saw Summer
Catch with Freddie Prinze Jr. That's a really good movie,
go see it! We had a garage sale yesterday and my mom was
in a bad mood the whole time, so I got yelled at alot. I
woke up at 1 today and got yelled at some more. I got my
room back into order and last night we went out and got
school supplies. Hopefully, I will make alot of new
friends this year.. ya, wish me luck.