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2002-12-06 21:33:26 (UTC)


my sister,my mom,and me went to the mall today and me and
my sister went off by our self,my mom had to get a few
things 4 us for x-mas and we had to get her something.Well
when me and where waiting for the cashier to pack the gift
{which toke 4ever}and this cute guy kept walking back and
fourth, i mentioned this to my sister.then we started up
the stairs and some one was behing us, i didn't pay much
attention till this person passed in front of was
the same guy. he was about to go into a store but we turn
and so did and my sister stoped at the craft store to
see if our my was done and she wasn't.SO we decide to
follow this guy to the pay phone and pertened to look at
something at a both.hen he left so we followed him around
for a bit then we had to go back and see our mom,but the
whole time he kept watching us and would come toward us
like he was gona talk to us but then he would just pass by.
so my sister,my mom,and i were getting ready to leave,and
this guy came round coner right at me,then he caught a
glimps of my mom ,stoped dead, and turn and walked away,if
u would have seen how he did this u would have laughed.This
was one of the very funny things to happen to us at the