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2002-12-06 19:11:31 (UTC)

poo poo platter

i think my cuz has lost it...
he just called me a poopoo platter...
and i dont know why
maybe cuz i accidently called him mink
his name is mike and we call him monk
but i accidently typed mink.
needless to say it got confusing and i got called
a poopoo platter

so in one week ill be 21. yah me.
theres no real excitement here, its
not that big of a deal.
i use to get excited over things like this
but its just doesnt feel like my other birthdays use to.
and who knows
i could be just upset over the fact that im listening to
that new avril lavigne song. *im with you*
it sort says wots goin on right now.
im feelin lost (nothing new)
im cold, its dark (im in buffalo)
and i feel like those around me (certain people in
particular) could be reaching out
but their not
instead, people who ive never met are there.
and im with them.

honestly, aside from my cuz's (this speaks soley of my
friends btw) and a few scattered amongst the states, they
mean a hell of alot more to me then the people ive hung
with in the past year. they ve been there more then others
have. sad huh?

this trance-y music is fun.
im now listening to something by hook the captain. its
kinda deep but floating free.
something nice to get lost in.
ok im off to work on the paper.
i ll bbl to complenplate more.

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