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Shitty Life Of A Teen
2001-08-26 23:01:46 (UTC)


well its been awhile sencei relly wrote in this thing, i
was at the hospile lastnight i had an asthma attack and my
inharler dint work, i found out that it wasnt the right
one. i have been thining about aaliyah, mani cant belive
she is dead, she was only 22 years old. i fell so sorry for
her family right now. its hard to lose someone close to you
and i know how people fell when they do. mom gose in in the
mornning to have those balls on her neck removed, i hope
its not cancer, i wouldn be able to handle it. my hair is
bright pink, and my hand and neck, its a cool color but it
dyed my shrit, pellow, and my neck, but its all good :)
star had to go home today and she wanted me to spend the
night, ,i dont think so i cant stand her family, her
brother is staleing from me and that pisses me off so bad
grrrr i wish i could smack his fagot ass (i have nothing
agint gay people just so you all know its just a ssaying)
im so thrusty and its hot out side, man i wish i could find
somewhere to go swimming at that would be so nice. dad aint
going to be home for a while . mom is sleeping right now, i
wish i could ic ant get to sleep, not even at night, . well i have
to go so byby peace and keep smiling i will try to


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