Faye Valentine

¥ As Told By Sica ¥
2001-08-26 22:55:55 (UTC)

" No Dick Mike "

You think you're so bad
Because you're protective of your friends
But security isn't the problem
You need to back off
So save the drama
Hun, you're the problem!
I'm not yours to be had
Critiqing my life
Look, you need to understand
One thing
It's my life
Number two
Fuck you!
Believe it, Baby
You know why?
'Cause I do it like Blue
Hit you up style
If you don't check yourself
Even your girlfriend's scared of you
Man, how fucked up are you?
You can't admit to your mistakes
And you're eighteen years old
If I didn't know better
I'd think you were more like four
I release my anger in rhymes
In my world, there is no time
I can hit another verse
Fuck that
Even make a chorus
Look, I don't normally curse
But you make the exception
You call yourself a friend
Yet all I see is a dickless human
Step up to plate
Be a man
What's your beef?
Tell me what's wrong
Instead of beating on me
I never said I was perfect
I don't even find myself decent
So what if I'm loyal!?
Is that a reason to hurt me?
You know what?
Fuck this
I'm just wasting my time
I'd rather talk to a chimp
Than No Dick Mike
So take this to heart
And remember what you've lost
'Cause it's not only me
I'm just one to be honest...

- Ÿ "Sica" Ÿ

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