the life of a not so perfect KT girl
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2001-08-26 22:37:59 (UTC)

humm well I know that I said I was moving !



well guess what I am not gonna change diarys .. well I mean
I have one there but like I am gonna stop using it b/c that
server is so jacked up .. well everyone .. humm things are
okay with me .. I went to this hippy club last night called
LOtus and like I am gonna preform there next week and like
I got my cards read and it was awsome .. the lady said I
need to get more orginized this year and that I am gonna
have a great year .. and I am just like score ! I hope this
year really does go good .. humm as far as jeff I have not
talked to him since summer beagin and like it sucks because
I really did like him and now well ...I don't know what
happened to him
he has not updated in forever ! I miss him .. I am just
like balh !
the band of the day is Brandstone !!!
the band of the day is something I am gonna startd doing
well when ever I find a good band !
Probably Nothing-brandston !!!!
i've got to learn i've got to run there's too much fresh
water in your ocean it makes me nervous a red cross on my
chest and i'm donating a lot of blood lately and you're an
actress i'm learning my lesson again i guess it's my turn
to walk away and my mind has it's own library of doubt
jealousy comes breathing i'm learning my lesson again

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