Ana*~TiNy AnT~*

A Place For My Head
2001-08-26 22:34:14 (UTC)


ok... this is my first time here... so, a little bout
myself, dont u think?
no, not necessary, i'll go directly to the point... i've
always seen myself as a sad person, y'a know... i'm always
sad... (doh!), and as soon as my first day in middle school
came, i saw this lad called Claudio... i say his name, coz
i'm quite sure, that he won't get in here!, and this was
the first time i liked someone that unconsciously made me
really happy... and i'm still happy, but not as i was
before friday! coz i found out that he doesn't like me....
quite tough for me. now i dont know how to face him or
anything, coz i still havent found out how did he found out
that i like him! quite a confusing story. but the point is
that... i'm shallow! ok? i didn't really have a proper
conversation with the lad... and he made me happy. now, i
really don't know what to do to get his attention
considering that he must think that i'm a freak or
something. It's just that it felt so right being happy,
y'a now what i mean? ppl liked me better, i liked myself
better, and i dont want to lose that. now i sound depressed
and "life has no meaning" style, but if you had heard me on
tuesday you would have seen how happy i was.
and then i realised why i like Abs 5ive so much! that's because i was
afraid this would happen, i focused on someone who was way too
impossible and that i was quite sure i would never meet him... but,
too bad i had to fall for Claudio, and what i fear happened, i
mean... what's up with me?! do i hve something like a men repeller or
what?! but i really wanted this to come out right... but it didn't. i
like him a lot, so much i've had 2 dreams about him in a row... which
had never happened to me, and it's just that i feel so strong about
that i can't help it... i just wish he could like me. if you had seen
the perfect scene i lived: i went to my locker and he was there, we
were the only two there and i smiled at him and he smiled back! he
looked so... so... nice, it made me feel like if i was going to die
or something!
well, sorry if i bored you with my life, i'll see if i can
write tomorrow or something.