Nick's Journal
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2002-12-06 14:43:04 (UTC)

Snow driving

seems once snow falls in this area, people start freaking
out as if the anti-christ came to town. here's a mandate
i have. no body on the rode but me when i want to get
somewhere. i'm not worried bout my driving but i'm
terrified by you fucks. like this oen girl, cut in front
of me in the parking lot so i had to hit the brakes and my
car went skidding to the end of the lot. stupid bitch.
then there was this girl that did about -1 mph on the
highway, what the hell is wrong with people? get in the
car, drive, if you hit a tree, thank god, one less of you
my favorite are the rednecks who have those big ass
trucks, i know they're orgasming once snow falls, cos now
they own the road. tailgating helpless drivers who can't
cope with the elements. i had one guy on my bumperlike a
faggot on brad pitt's ass. what i really liked is how he
swerved around me in impatience.......i'm not gonna hit 80
mph when i know my car is gonna skid. that's for everyone
else to do. anyhow, i saw an accident, i love how freaked
out people get....i've noticed htis is mainly the case
with american women. austrians or and other european are
stoic as all hell about it (probably cos it happens so
much). but when an american woman gets in a car accident,
she starts spitting out babies, due to anxiety.
anyhow this guy with spikey hair nailed this mini van, and
hte mother looked like a panda took it's turn with her,
and the guy looked like he was pissed at the woman. i'd
hate to hit a mini van. cos they're sorta like the greek
gods of our society. no matter what the college student
is the bad person, and the helpless mother with her 50
kids was just trying to help society. well i'm here ot
say that mini vans are the most dangerous. it's like
these women shoot themselves up with heroin before they
get on the road.
ugh. mini vans.