Nick's Journal
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2002-12-06 14:37:13 (UTC)

Kroger and such

I really like bloodhound gang. They're just so damn
funny, i also like how most rappers now a days
quote "fire,water,burn" because essentially it's making
fun of what they do. anyhow, here's another thing i don't
get. in philosophy recitation this black girl got all
worked up when our t.a. said it was horrendous that o.j.
was freed. apparently, o.j. (a famous, multi-millionare)
represents the lot of the black community. if anything
o.j. getting free is sticking to them even more,
considering that it's saying, well as long as you're a
rich black person you're fine....personally i don't see
shit to celebrate, but whatever.
now on to kroger.
i love how they have those self check out lanes. this way
you can see who's a few chromosomes short of a zygote. it
goes like this. you touch the screen to do what you want,
then you scan it, then you put it down on the other side.
hard? no. for college students? yes. you'd think that
they were doing astrophysics problems with the amount of
time they spend drooling over the machine. and the
funniest thing is when they get pissed at the machine "it
ate my 20" or "it won't scan", no. see you're
stupid, and you don't know what you're doing. the
machine, unlike you, is not's not trying to
screw you over. stupid idiots.
now the next thing is crystal light and yogourt. i don't
like crystal light ut i do like yogurt. shit it tastes
goooooood. but why the fuck does it have to come in pink
containers? can't it come with a container that has a
naked woman on the front? i swear, i think that along
with the bar code you have to swipe your vagina if you try
to buy it.
mmmmmmmm vaginas.

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