The Calamari Files
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2002-12-06 11:40:22 (UTC)

Nasty one


Im in the library and i've got a 1000 word essay to finish
by four pm, it being half eleven. do able, but im not
really focused at the moment.

it's all gone mad.

on tuesday night my friend flipped with his boyfriend
(over nothing at all) when we went back to a friends
house. Queue my friend's kitchen getting destroyed as
these other two friends- who are very close- go at it claw
and nail. Queue the more passive friend cracking his head
open on a cabinet mid fight, followed by the mental image
of my friend Dave, crying his eyes out sat at the table,
with a pool of blood forming on its surface. Queue
ambulance and police, queue teary reuninon, followed by a
trip to hospital for ed and dave, and my crying drunkenly
for numerous minutes. Queue tidying the kitchen, picking
up glass, wiping up the hideous amount of blood thats
sprayed everywhere.

So queue then next couple of days, where i wander around
in a daze trying to get some work done but with more
pressing matters to think about ie. what the hell happened
and where does that leave the relationship between me and
my friends.

On wednesday my mate johnathan stayed with me all day and
we chilled out, which i really needed. Then yesterday me
and (another) Dave drank a bottle of port and got a curry.
i tell ya, its times like this you need a boyfriend, oh
yes indeed.
and would u believe it, i've just got a text from dave
asking if im still going out tonight. i dunno if i can
handle seeing ed (the other fighter), cause i dunno how
i'll react. fuck.

im feeling much better about the whole thing now, but im
still just horrorfied it happened.

anyway, i gotta do this essay.
catch u all later.

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