2001-08-26 21:31:29 (UTC)

August 26th....THE END OF THE WEEKEND.......

Man, we have to go to school tomorrow. THAT SUCKS :q Well,
last nite I went out with Travis and Dee..and Nicole. Me
and Travis argued the whole time though. He gets on my
nerves, but it makes me laugh at the same time. It's crazy.
But anyway, nothing too major has happened this weekend.
Umm...today I worked and we were kinda slow. Well, this is
really short...oh yeah, note to those who like to go
through drive thru....please don't come through drive thru
just to get a drink! THAT IS JUST PURE LAZINESS! Get your
ass out of the car and come in and get a drink! Okay, glad
that's off my chest....*J*