sheesh ya fuck
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2002-12-06 07:36:54 (UTC)


know no bueaty untill one strikes the fear the impurity
leak back into the cracks sleeping on the edge of this
universe ill watch them all spin inside the tops inside of
tops splattering emotion in your angellic face y o u wont
feel this untill the second time around with your thumb in
your fucking mouth TOO LAte i was screaming in my sleep
watching the seconds fade watching the sex and fate.
comfort is hard to come by in this town unflourished dead
lost now forgotten im leaving in summer with the sun
beating me out of here ill sing your heart away from
cardiac arrest fuckers hah fuck you all while you rot in
your sanctuary's and i know no home but chaos and the
stars wink they own all of me. crying next to the
fireplace smileing in the hallways bloodshot eyes and
silly spins me to see you go twice as fast and i laugh i
fall off of this print and thin lines will be crossed too
many time buttons pushed red ones ones with hazard and
danger and ill push them twice in the hallwayss scuffing
through the thin lines i was sleeping on the edge of this
univese watching them all spin twice as fast smiling and