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2001-08-26 21:27:39 (UTC)

better days

hey i have had a better greter day thean i had this
weekend...I went to chruch and prayed that today would be a
better day and it seems like god actually listened wa-
hoo!!! yeah and then ashley came home with me froem chruch
and we had a blast we went over to my moms friends house
and we swam and then we came home and we di each others
makeup the same so we r koolness!!! yeah and i am happy
that ashley is not upset alot and sad and depressed cuz i
hate seeing her that way ... yeah well jacob got mad i
think cuz i didnt go to the movies with him but my mom said
no so i had no choice weather i wanted to or not ... i
wanted to but i couldnt go but i am gonna go to chruch at
like 5:30 or so so ill have fun there hopefully !!! yeah
well i am gonna go ok !!!


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