jon's babie forever
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2001-08-26 21:25:46 (UTC)


As you know, today I was planning on walking to High School
group with Jon this morning. AND I DID IT!!! I almost can't
believe it, but I did!

I waited in my parents' classroom looking for Jon through
the window. The two helpers that were there wanted to know
what was going on and I told them my plan, so whenever
every boy passed by the classroom, they would ask, "Is that
him? What about him?"

A few minutes passed and I saw Shanna come, and I was
afraid that she would wait for Jon, but she passed right by
with her friends. Not long after that I spotted Jon walking
across the street. I squealed and said good~bye to my dad.
Then I casually stepped outside and said, "Hey, Jon." That
was actually the hardest part!

Jon replied with a casual "Hey" and I started walking with
him, forgetting to make sure that he was even going to High
School group. I asked him how he was and he said that he
was good but tired and that he had a busy week. I told him
that I was tired, too - but I'm always tired in the

Then another question. "Are you going to Summer's End?"
(Summer's End is a huge block party that our church holds

He said yes (Yay!) and told me what he was going to be
doing. He said that he would probably be doing setup and
have to be there early. He asked me if I was going and I
said yeah but I would be working. I will be working for
mom, her coffee bar will be there.

Jon and I will probably (hopefully) see each other there.
That's what I was hoping for. My parents and grandparents
all wanted to know what happened when I got back from High
School group. I gave them the whole story.

The only bad thing today was that I couldn't find Jon
afterwards to say good~bye. But that's not really
important... next Sunday I wanna ask him for his e-mail

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