2001-08-26 21:12:03 (UTC)

nothin reall

me and kim just got done doin each others make up! yeah it
was fun. lol.. well anywho.. i am just sittin hear
listening to worship cd.. and well i am wearin her clothes
and its fun.. we wear the same size and both of us have
hands that twitch a lot.. we both like to talk all the time
and we are both crazy.. and we both like the same make up..
and we are so cool!! lol. well i don't know. i have been
thinkin a lot about my sweetie, jason, i miss him a lot..
he has this cussing problem. but thats not a big deal.. i
dont' know why but every day i want him more and more and i
can't go one minute with out thinkin about him. i think i
love him so much and i know i do.. hes the best to me..but
some don't seem to think so.. i mean i took his virginity..
and i am not any better than him.. we are the same
basically although he did lie and say his dad was gonna be
home.. but i wasn't mad i wanted him so much.. i don't care
if he lies about that kinda stuff.. i mean he always asks
me if its ok.. and if i am ok with doin it.. and i am like
yes i am.. i just hope that he knows that i love him a lot
and that i want him so much.. and yeah i am only 14 and we
aren't goin to be together forever but who knows.. i dont..
well i love him and thats all that matters and he loves me
like when i fell asleep in his arms.. and he stroked my
hair and arms and back and made me fall asleep.. he just
watched me the whole time til my brother picked me up..
well i know thats more than lust and i think its love..
well me and kim are goin to go eat .. well love ya