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2001-08-26 20:55:50 (UTC)

I ve kept an online diary for..

I've kept an online diary for quite a while now but have
used livejournal - with all the problems I've had with it
over the last month or so I thought it was about time to
look elsewhere for somewhere to write about my
thoughts/feelings/emotions and just everyday stuff!
Me and my son moved into the flat that we're living in just
under 3 months ago. At the moment we're in the middle of
trying to decorate the place - never realised what hard
work it would be - yet its fun at the same time and all the
hard work will pay off in the long run.
I'm still no closer to getting the divorce I so desperately
want. I was told that I'd be free by my birthday - hmm was
that a pig just flew over??
I'm seeing a really nice guy who is the complete opposite
of my ex. He's so caring, sincere, honest, lovable and
would do anything for me. I feel so lucky to have had the
good fortune of meeting him - he thinks he's the lucky one
but I'd have to disagree with that!
He's been staying with us the last fortnight and life has
been so good but unfortunately he had to go back home
earlier today. Hopefully he'll be coming back again a week
on Tuesday - cool :)
Ohh well guess I've wrote enough for now - sorry to all who
have read this and been bored stiff - but hey it was your
choice to read - I didn't make you :)

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