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2001-08-26 20:07:41 (UTC)


today was a better day than yesterday was..yesterday i told
some friends about what i told you in my first page.. but
anyways today i went to church and then i went home with
one of my sweeties.. kim!!! we had the best time cuz she
makes me feel so good and we are crazy together...we went
to her parents friends house and ate some awesome food and
then went swimming...we had so much fun and then we were
supposed to go to the movies but her mommy said no cuz we
have church tonight.. kim is like a sister to me.. we do
alot together.. but last night i had this weird dream about
how like my step dad died and i got mad at myself cuz i
called him alan and not dad.. well i thought it was weird..
anywayz.. today was fun and right now i am talkin to 2 of
my friend jacob and david and they are tryin to talk about
what i wrote in my first page and i just don't feel like
reliving it today so i am just goin to hold it in and try
to be nice about it and not take my anger out on kim! lol..
i wouldn't do that.. well i better go for now!!!


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