Bipolar - Fucked up
2001-08-26 20:01:12 (UTC)

crazy night

damn, last night was so crazy. me and my sister chilled
with ryan,linzy,jill,mike,steve,ed,ed,tim,tj,alex,and dave
last night up at this abondoned rundown building we call
the pit thats up in the woods and had a party, with weed,
and beer, and a keg a beer with a hose, and a huge fire
steve made with a gasoline can right in the center of the
building. anyway we all got fucked up, and then we went to
dunkin donuts. well on our way back to the pit the cops
pulled us over. well we where in steves truck, no one was
wearing seatbelts, and tj and alex, where in the back of
the truck where there werent even seats, and me, jen, ed,
and ryan where in the middle seat, and mike, dave, and
steve where in the front seat. well anyways the cops found
empty beer cans in the back on steves truck, and no one was
over 21, and then they found fire works in the truck too.
well anyway at first theyre like ok well everyone thats
underage were haveing your parents pic you up, but then
they just desided to let us go for some reason. im hanging
out with mike agian tonight. but im not sure who else. oh
well at least i got drunk right.